Anasophia Crivea

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Rest in Peace our baby girl. Unfortunately, Anasophia passed away on May 23rd, 2006. We will all miss her terribly, and we are so glad that she was able to grace our lives and bring us such joy. We love you Ana.. Always.

Thank you for visiting Anasophia's Photo Site! Our beautiful baby girl is so precious to us, and we're thrilled to be able to show her to you! We hope you enjoy the pictures we've compiled on the next page, and we'll keep it as updated as possible!

Full Name: Anasophia Shana Lynn Crivea
Birthday: January 23, 2006
Birth time: 8:33am
Birth weight: 6 pounds, 12 ounces
Birth Length: 40.5cm
Birth Place: Women's Hospital, Winnipeg MB
Delivered by: Dr. Mark Bernier
Loving Parents: Shana Robbins and Allen Crivea
Proud Grandparents: Grandma Diana, Grandma Linda, Grandma Claudette, Grandpa Robbins, Grandpa Barrie
Proud Great Grandmother: Ollie
Proud Uncles and Aunts: Sean (Dana), Marcel (Samantha), Nadine
Proud Great Aunt and Uncles: Cathy, Jim, Gil (Marge), Rick (Char)
Proud cousins: Gaetana, Danika, Kendra, Brett, Leah, Carlie
How she got her name: Allen wanted to name her Sophia, but Shana didn't like the idea of her being nicknamed Sophie.. And we liked the name Anna, but decided it was a little too plain, so Shana added the two together, and came up with Anasophia. Original and Beautiful, just like our daughter :)


Dedicated to Anasophia, our little angel