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Titan Crivea
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Our handsome baby boy Titan is now here! We are so very excited and proud to have him in our lives. He is truly a blessing, and we take solice knowing that his older sister is watching over him from heaven. :)

Full Name: Titan Allen Crivea
Birthday: August 20, 2007
Birth time: 8:12am
Birth weight: 8 pounds, 3 ounces
Birth Length: 54cm
Birth Place: Women's Hospital, Winnipeg MB
Delivered by: Dr. Yuen
Loving Parents: Shana Robbins and Allen Crivea
Proud Grandparents: Grandma Diana, Grandma Linda, Grandma Claudette, Grandpa Robbins, Grandpa Barrie
Proud Great Grandmother: Ollie
Proud Uncles and Aunts: Marcel, Sean, Nadine
Proud Great Aunt and Uncles: Cathy, Jim, Gil (Marge), Rick (Char)
Proud cousins: Gaetana, Kendra, Brett, Leah, Carlie
How he got his name: Allen wanted a name that sounded roman, like Maximus or Julius, and Shana just wouldn't have it! So we were laying in bed, sounding out different names, and suddenly Allen suggested Titan. We looked at eachother for a moment in surprise, both of us loving the name instantly. Why hadn't we thought of that before? "Titan it is!" 


Our Handsome Little Boy!