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Recent Updated Sections: dead links removed, journal update (finally?? :P ), site cleaned up a bit to reflect who I am now

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Welcome Everyone To My Webpage! 

I can't believe its been up for over10 years! Thanks so much to all of my loyal friends who come back to check up on me. Same as always, feel free to look around my page, there's still a lot of good stuff on here. Enjoy!

Okay so here's whats going on on my page.. i got bumper stickers that will make you laugh, i got pics of my own Anime/artwork, pics of my Dad's wedding, pics of my grad, and i got lots and lots of love to share! I have no idea what the love part has to do with my page, but damn, its the truth.. So scoot around my page, even pay a visit to my guestbook (link above), and post a comment! Catch ya'll on the flip side...