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My Poetry

They yell to me
to ditch my God
and turn to theirs for love.
I run away and try to hide
but they see me from above.
they hover in the dark night sky
above me while i run
they shriek my name and chase me down
they belong to the evil one.
Their wings are black
their tails long
their ears pointed and shreud
Their eyes are dark
and cold as ice
their shrieking creates a feud.
Hundreds now are up above
circling the dark night sky.
Shrieking, plumetting down to me
I run, i scream, i cry.
They grab at me,
their tiny claws
are hooked and deadly sharp
They tear away at my coat,
i hear something. A harp.
The music is faint,
yet remains in my mind.
I have heard it once before.
The song grows stronger as the shrieking stops.
The world stands still for a moment.
The tune is of a harsher tone,
Spreading a chill throughout the air,
of darkness and despair.