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Never Saw It Coming..
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My Poetry

The sunshine sifts through the clouds
It quietly settles but can't be seen
It can't be heard, by any man
It quietly settles on the grass
It gleams, it shines right off my hair
as i lay there in the glow.
Nature has embraced me now
There is no getting up and leaving
Warm air softens my skin
As I lay there basking in its gleaming.
Puffs of clouds stream across the sky
as blueness reaches the rest.
Beauty engulfs me as I lay
The sun has reached its peak of rest.
A figure enters from the left
I remain there. unseen. and still.
He glances around, unzips his coat
and climbs the nearest tree.
I still see him, but I am not visible
I am laying still as can be
For if i move, i will be shot
and that is the end for me.
My ear twitches as I strain to listen
I hear him load his gun
A rabbit hops up to me
and i shoo him away with a glance.
The man, he sees the movement now
of the rabbit hopping away
He moves his site over some
and is pointed right where i lay.
I jump with a start
and run for cover
moving my legs as fast as i can
although they feel like lead.
It proves no use
for he was quick
the bullet strikes my head.