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First Fight
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My Poetry

Another poem from when Michael and I were first going out over a year ago and we had our first major fight. It's interesting I'll give it that.

Confusion fills me as questions pass
my mind, a cloudy sky.
The stars don't shine as brightly now
as they did when you were mine.
Emptyness fills me as seconds pass
my heart, an empty void.
The diamonds that once lit up my eyes
have now been washed away.
No smile sits upon my face
no light dances in my eyes.
You have gone, deserted me
Left my heart to die.
How could you.
Why would you.
I've done nothing wrong.
But still my life is plain without you.
You brought hope into my days
and life into my nights.
I loved you
You loved me.
Goodbye seems to be
all thats left to say.

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