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New Love
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My Poetry

I found this poem today when i was reading through my old OLD writers journal. I had written it after Michael and I had started going out. To me, its beautiful. :)

You awake.
The sky is blue, the birds are calling.
You glance to the empty bed beside you
as memories of the night before
cloud your mind.
The passion, the love
The heat of the embrace.
All gone now
as the sun enters through the window.
Like a blanket
the golden shadow warms you.
A smile forms across your lips.
He was here just hours ago,
resting comfortably in your arms.
You rub your skin
and a rush sends shivers across yourbody.
The honey scent
that fills the air
of the passion that seemed so endless
fills your lungs as you inhale.
Where is he now?
At work.
So far from you
and you long for him to be closer.
The excitement
The rush of blood that thrills you
when he caresses your skin.
Happiness fills your heart
as you sit up in bed and sigh.
A new love,
an endless love,
has come into your life.
And it fills you with joy.